Tarot of the Week January 16th-22nd 2022

The Tarot of the Week

Sunday January 16th – 22nd Saturday 2022


Signifying Cherubs.  Cherubs are unnamed angelic beings.  Their prime purpose is to show us the glory and greatness of God.  They remind us that God’s presence is with us every second of every day.  They resonate with the number 21. 

Honest, buoyant, and playfulness.  They note natural states.  Like God’s loving and positive presence. 

Saint Michael the Archangel is poetry of the sun.  He is God’s Beloved. 

Michael means warmth.  With his sword you feel protected.  You will see flashing colors of light when he is near. 

The Sun like Michael, brings clarity and understanding.  You can feel positive, confident, enthusiastic.

The sun provides warmth and comfort. 

And know that the angelic realm is always right there when you ask. 

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