Angel of the Week January 15th-22nd 2022

Angel of the Week

Sunday January 16th – 22nd Saturday 2022


The Angel of lightening and blessings. 

Barachiel is associated with the heart chakra.  When your heart is full of love you will be drawn to roses.  Roses hold the highest vibrational energy possible.  The petals on the rose signify blessings.  Allow yourself to be blessed.  Completely clear and open your heart chakra to receive. 

Message: Every morning ask that he bring you abundance and blessings.  Light a candle, hold a gemstone, and speak this outloud. 

He has a sacred bracelet color coded with red for synchronicity, light pink for love, and white for abundance and blessings.  It also means “Love is never not present.” 

He has a special oil named “angel of rose” filled with hyssop, white tea, and cherry blossom.  He resonates with the frequency 333. 

He helps with prayers and meditation. 

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