Book of the day 1-14-2022

Book of the Day


The Tibetan Book Of The Dead

“May all sentient beings, children of buddha nature, realise the ultimate nature of mind: insight and compassion, in blissful union.” 

It is important to read the introductory of the book.


“When considering these matters from a Buddhist point of view, however, we have to bear in mind that the understanding of the nature of the I or self are closely interlinked.  Therefore, let us first look at what is that can be said to constitute a person.”

personal note:  Thoughts are important.  Your soul is important.  Your body is important.  It is important to gain knowledge.  It is important to gain knowledge to use them properly.  It is important to know the real from the false. 

This book brings about an interrelationship understanding.  It is a somewhat of discussion.  Clarity, awareness, and inner radiance.  Love, Heather

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