Rune reading 1-12-2022


January 12th, 2022 Wednesday

Othala, Elhwaz, Berkano, Perthro

Think Shakespeare

Today’s Wednesday Rune Reading is Four Runes

A story, a diamond, copper, a spade.

Othala signifies ancestral property, sacred, inherited, house, home, importance, one or group order, birth, land, spiritual, heritage, experience, angels, values, powers, journey and safety.

Think Chamuel-values, Zaphkiel, Zadkiel, Bast, and God (Mother and Father).

Elhwaz signifies strength, reliability, dependability, trustworthiness, enlightenment, endurance, defense, protection, honest man, goals, sights, and purpose.   

Think Samuel, Archangels, Justice, Yew Tree, Shamael, Trig, Eye Chakras, and Frogs. 

Berkano signifies Mountain, Two Mountains, Pastel Colors, Pastoral, Javier, Birchata, healthy drinks, hydration, birth, fertile, mental and physical growth, liberation, regenerative power, light, renewal, light of spring, promise, new beginnings, new growth, love and venture.

Think Jesus, St. Mary, Saint Catherine and Christ. 

Perthro means Lot Cup.  It signifies Fate, Mother and Father, Good Omen, Crows, Holographs, Dimensional Light, chairs, crypts, secret, mysteries, books, hidden things, adventure, destiny, knowledge, future, initiation, determining path, ancient, records and handwritten notes. 

Think Zadkiel, Jophiel, Christine, Jehovah, Hael, Hoel, Hail Gods, Demi Gods, Devas, Fairies, wishes, requests. 

Fate on a mountain summit running journey.  

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