Book of the day 1-12-2022

Book of the Day


Theinngu Sayadaw Paya’s


Biography in Brief and Method of Meditation

“According to Buddhism, the law of cause and effect is accepted not only for material phenomenon but also for the co-existing phenomenon of mental and physical (Nama & Rupa) in living beings.”

A small book of 48 page.  Theinngu Sayadaw was born in 1912 in Hnawgone village, Hmawbi township, Yangon division, Myanmar.  He was named Aung Tun.

personal note:  I completely agree with the value of meditation, even when done in various ways.  The summer of last year, 2021, I was walking in my neighborhood when I passed a church on a corner.  Children were outside, and their teacher was inside.  I met the man who invited me in for conversation.  At the end of our lovely spontaneous visit, he gave me the gift of this little yellow book.  I love how the divine synchronicities work and that visit lives in my heart.  Love, Heather

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