Today’s Oracle Card 1-9-2022

Today’s Oracle Card

January 9th, 2022


Invention – “Creativity Guides”

Sunday’s oracle card is from the Ask Your Guides oracle deck. 

Today’s message, Make Lemonade

The fruit lemon is one of the most widely used fruits in esotericism and spirituality.  The lemon tree was recognized as a symbol of wellbeing and positive surroundings, as you Creativity Guides will tell you. 

The color of the lemon represents the sun’s ray.  The ray nurtures the fruit as it nurtures you. 

Lemons are good to eat first thing in the morning, or to add to your drink. 

To make Lemonade, means to bring positivity into your life.  To do this first thing in the morning, and even before you go to bed, ensures you to have a wonderful day. 

When it comes to the message “Invention”, there was a secondary card that appeared.  The card is “Shadow” by your Divine Healer(s).  Think your own personal self, your soul, and your higher self.  Your own personal mind, body, spirit, and heart.  Think of God.  Think of Archangel Michael.  And do think positive.  This card is a lovely shade of purple.  It is ribboned with the color red. 

Invention is a lovely shade of green.  Think Sirius, the planet star.  Think flowers, mulitcolors, rainbows, paintings, candles, light, rays, hands, and crown. 

Secondary card –

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