Tarot of the Week January 9th-15th 2022

The Tarot of the Week

Sunday January 9th – 15th Saturday 2022

The Magician


The Magus is a member of a priestly caste of ancient Persia, acquiring abilities, obscuring objects, weaving warp and weft, shifting into appearance what is already present.  Possibly shadowed, revealed now through direction of immortal primal power that has existed before.  If thought to cast a spell, it will remain, long after you have made a wish, to become the one, who knows how to move magic.  Move magic, through you, around you, and in you.  Move magic as a wild wind, a wild flower, and a magic kiss. 

A magician unifies the wind.  Unifies time.  And unifies all that exists.  The swan, the dove, the crow, the hawk symbolize the magician.  Work in pairs, work in a group, work as one.  A magician knows when. 

Unique and omniscient it flows through you. 

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