Spirit Animal of the Week January 9th-15th 2022

Spirit Animal of the Week

Sunday January 9th – 15th Saturday 2022


The Giraffe Spirit “See the big picture.”

Stretch upward to reach the treetops and look down from a high vantage point.  It is time to view and observe from a high view.

Stretch and broaden your view. 

Giraffes are helpful.  They help their fellow kin.  They look for the fine details. 

See what is not only going on around you, but at your feet.

Remember to look down as much as you look up. 

Giraffe is symbolic of always stretching one’s physical and spiritual muscles. The Giraffe has a finely tuned sense of foresight. The horns on its head exemplify it’s intuitive nature, the horns being a natural antenna into the spirit realm.

A giraffe in your dreams symbolizes welfare and happiness.

Giraffe symbolism and meaning evokes images of humanity striving to join with the Divine.  Gentle Giraffe, with its long neck reaching into the heavens, symbolizes the ability to see the future and obtain things that seem out of reach.  Giraffe teaches you how to heighten your psychic awareness so you can take on those tall tasks while holding your head high.

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