Goddess of the Week January 9th-15th 2022

Goddess of the Week

Sunday January 9th – 15th Saturday 2022

Kwan Yin

She is the goddess of compassion.  Her teachings include focusing on the love and light that is within everyone. 

She is a youthful and beautiful goddess who shines a light from her mercy etheric retreat.   Her message is “A compassionate heart lies in high morals.”

Gentleness is the strength behind true power. 

Her message is to be happy, kind, sweet, and most of all, true to you. 

Kwan Yin represents warmth.  A warm cup of tea, a warm cup of coffee, a warm heart.  She cares about vegetation, tigers, travel, and is the observer of sound. 

She stands for ancient truth, trust, faith, acknowledgement, high morals, strength, and purpose.  Her colors are yellow, rose, green, lavender, teal, white, and tan.  Often times she uses the oils cherry blossom, jasmine, sweet orange, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and rose. 

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