Book of the day 1-9-2022

Book of the Day


The Book of Blessings and Rituals

by Athena Perrakis

Magical Invocations for healing, setting energy, and creating sacred space.

page 15

“A calling for support from the four directions to guide your journey in the year ahead.”

…”as you read these words aloud, imagine energy gathering from all directions, bringing with it resources you need to support you on your path this year.  Know that you are always guided, seen, held, and nurtured by forces near and far.”  

Follow along in the pages of January of this book for prayer, smudging, invocation, blessing, universal support, affirmation and activation of chakras, intention alter, and vision board.  Shifting in then to February. 

personal: I took this book along with me to read on a plane to Utah toward the end of February of 2020.  It was a wonderful, interesting, fascinating, sacredly guided trip.  The message here; always know you have the tools to make any and everything better.  Love, Heather

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