Angel of the Week January 9th-15th 2022

Angel of the Week

Sunday January 9th – 15th Saturday 2022


Archeia of the third ray of wisdom and illumination to amplify the Christ consciousness within angels, elementals and men.

The spiritual retreat where Christine assists is in the etheric realm over the plains of Central China,  the yellow flame of illumination.

The Archeia Christine says, “Call to me to intercede before the Cosmic Christ in your behalf to release advanced teaching methods to the parents, teachers and sponsors of youth.”

Beloved Christine tells us all of Heaven desire to show us how invoking the Violet Flame can create an entire spiral of ideas and ideational patterns to flow into the minds who are seeking. 

The light ray corresponds to how we begin this week Sunday.  With the crown chakra and the oracle card of the day representing lemon and yellow.  To make lemonade is to succeed. 

Beautiful thoughts help you grow. 

Christine uses oils such as rose, geranium, and ylang ylang.  They represent “patterns of unconditional love.” 

The message this week is to use the artistic work of Walt Disney to inspire you. 

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