Rune reading 1-5-2022

January 5th, 2022 Wednesday


Today’s Rune, Algiz, is one of the rarer runes, and means protection.
Often times Runes are chosen on a Wednesday, as they tend to mean, family and home.

Strengthening of hamingja (personal gravity, ‘luck’) and life force through courageous deeds
Mystical and religious communication with non-human sentient beings
Communication with other worlds, especially Asgard
Receiving instruction on the magical potential of the runes

Algiz is the single strongest energy connected with Archangel Michael. It is a protective teaching force that promotes independence and autonomy as well as faith. Meditating on the image of a Valkyrie in her teacher, swan and warrior forms is a powerful method of invoking Algiz energy.

Activation of the Higher Self
Perception of the Divine Plan
Knowledge of the Ultimate Good in all things/events
Listening correctly to the Voice of the Universe (as non-human sentient beings ie. Valkyries, gods, giants)

Opportunity to growth, Safe refuge. Rapid development. It is associated with Air, the element of January 2022.


Scandinavia, Norse History, a sign of the white Elk

In this stanza, Odin recounts a spell:
Þat kann ek it tolfta,
ef ek sé á tré uppi
váfa virgilná,:
svá ek ríst ok í rúnum fák,
at sá gengr gumi
ok mælir við mik.

I know a twelfth one
if I see up in a tree,
a dangling corpse in a noose,
I can so carve and colour the runes,
that the man walks
and talks with me

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