Today’s Oracle Card 1-2-2022

Today’s Oracle Card

January 2nd, 2022


Lady Portia “Divine Order”

Do what you feel is right.  An important lesson is unfolding.  Today is a day of cause and effect.  You can become your own power through the things that you do, and you can become better each day.  You can serve yourself with what you like. 

Lady Portia is a Keeper of the Light and a powerful goddess of justice and peace, draped in purple.  As an ascended master, she brings order and opportunity to every experience. 

She assists us in how to attain and maintain a balance of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional attributes using elements of the wind, earth, fire, and air. 

She assists us how not to be polarized by teaching us how to balance love and wisdom, justice, and mercy. She uses the Maltese cross as her sacred symbol and electronic pattern.

Today is a day to live in a loving space.

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