Tarot of the Week January 2nd-8th 2022

The Tarot of the Week

Sunday January 2nd – 8th Saturday 2022

The six of swords

This new year of 2022 adds up to a number 6 year in numerology.  In this card, the person sees ahead.  It is about instinct and intuition.  Using your own and connecting with others.  It also signifies the voyage of family. 

Swords have the element of air, the element of January this year is air.  Swords cut through anything with the ability to bring great clarity.  They remain on the more intellectual side of life and are to be appreciated and valued as they are.  Reason always prevails over emotions.  The six of swords card is thought provoking and mystical.  It includes the journey of air, to land, to water, to fire.  Oxygen, wood, mirror, and metal are facets of each air, land, water, and fire. 

With great endings, bring great beginnings. 

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