Saint of the Week January 2nd-8th 2022

The Saint of the Week

Sunday January 2nd – 8th Saturday 2022

Isaac Newton

He is natural philosopher who studied in mathematics, discovery, astronomy and alchemy. 

Isaac is from the Land of Israel, Canaan , born under the sign of Capricorn, and associated with the number 11.

Isaac instituted the afternoon prayer. This tradition is based on Genesis chapter 24, verse 63  (“Isaac went out to meditate in the field at the eventide”).

He is known for “Faith, God’s providence, and prayer.”

To whatever extent a person draws close to God with his intentions, is to what extent God draws close to him with His gifts.

The natural path that precedes faith is the path toward faith and toward God. Being implanted by God into our nature, it alone convinces us the need to believe in God, whom has brought everything into being.

Those in whom the light of faith truly shines reaches us with greatness.

The thought of “blessed with spiritual eyes” stems from Isaac.   Closely connected with Mother Earth and Father Sky is Isaac. 

Saint Isaac is part of the Sunday Supper committee, bringing families together to cook and eat together.   

The month of January encourages families and friends to gather every Sunday for a homecooked meal, companionship and to rejuvenate connections with the ones we love. 

While enjoying your meals and company, you can also, coordinate schedules for the week ahead, share your experiences from the past week, plan meals, share recipes with each other, and explore different cuisine from various cultures.

This first week of January is based on magic and the element of air.  Isaac influences you to try something new or to upgrade your experiences and creations or inventions. 

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