Goddess of the Week January 2nd-8th 2022

Goddess of the Week

Sunday January 2nd – 8th Saturday 2022

Anahita Mya

She is Iran’s most important goddess. Her status was unrivaled by any other Iranian goddess throughout the course of three successive Iranian empires over a period of a thousand years, stemming from her roots as an ancient Indo-European deity.

Even the Angels pray to her, most importantly Archangel Metatron.  She is the angle of the Zodiac.  Anahita works with astrology and trigonometry.  She was also the protector of the righteous kings, a tradition that dated back to the Achaemenian empire and lasted until the end of the Sasanian dynasty.

Anahita is well-liked and is one of the numerous manifestations of the ‘Great Goddess’ seen in many ancient eastern faiths 

She is known for healing and wisdom and most closely associated with the planet Uranus.  Often seen as silver, she was described as a syncretistic goddess composed of two independent elements.  The first is a manifestation of the Indo-Iranian idea of the heavenly River who provides the waters to the rivers and streams flowing in the earth, while the second is that of a goddess manifestation upon the planet Earth.  Also known and seen as the “floating goddess.”

She is a Salient Goddess recognized with the Victorian Era and history.  Victorian Literature Characteristics consist of serialization, it can be daunting to pick up a Victorian novel, industrialization, class, science and progress, nostalgia, and utilitarianism.

Six literary features of the Victorian age are the note of individually, the age of prose and Novel, the moral note, religion and science, romanticism and the importance of human beings to nature.

Typical beliefs of the Victorian Era were centered on morals, hard work, and success.  The Victorian ideology was largely based on the idea of divine providence. 

Literature of the Victorian age portrays a completely ideal life. This was emphasized by poets, essayists, and novelists. 

The message is originality of ourselves. 

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