Angel of the Month January 2022

Angel of the Month

January 2022

Holy Amethyst

She is the angel of intuition and downloads.  As an angel, she holds the mother, father god aspect. 

January is about holy love and learning experiences, and she holds the essence as well as knowledge of both. 

A candle at night signifies divine love as well as compassionate human love. 

The intuitive thoughts you are having and feeling are divinely inspired.  January is ultimately a time when you are able to see, hear and feel beyond the human senses.  You intuition becomes stronger and you are in touch with angels, guides, as well as other divine beings who would encourage your growth and connection to the universe and others. 

You yourself are a lightworker.  You have the capacity to bring light into and to the Earth, or any other Planet, through your presence and purpose. 

As signs and messages show themselves, pick up what is important to use and plan ahead. 

Holy love is overflowing with goodness.  The Mother Father God aspect loves you beyond measure.  You are deeply connected to who you are, what you stand for, and what is important to you in life. 

Angelic presence is always near. 

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