Card what you need to know tarot draw 12-29-2021

A card what you need to know.

It is currently Wednesday, December 29, 2021 when I pulled this card from the influence of the angels Tarot deck.

It is the six of cups. The card did appear reversed. I do not always read them as reversed if the message in the box seems to be of a negative value. However, this could signify something that was not working well and has now been turned into your favor. This card resonates with what is actually in the guidebook even as a reversed card for something to be changed or healed.

Six of cups is water. Just before I drew this card I looked up the Chinese new year for this coming year which will be in a few days, 2022.

I was reminded that the 2022 Chinese symbol is the tiger. This year it is the water tiger. It happens to be my personal sign, the tiger.

I also looked up the Pantone color of the year for 2022 and it is ‘Very Peri’

For the year 2022 the color I chose is white, and the word I chose is warmth.

The number six is very close to my heart. Water is very symbolic. If you think about the last two years specifically we can see that there is and will be much improvement.

This card is full of love. Love in every form.

Sixes are about returning to a state of harmony and balance.

The symbol is Primrose flowers. The Primrose can be a symbol of youth.

Kindness, affection, honesty, and simple goodness.

No ulterior motive‘s.

This card signifies that things are about to return the way they were before.

Good intentions, nostalgia, memories of simple times, pure simple happiness, a happiness that is familiar, and innocence.

The shadow meaning of this card is overly emotional sentimentality, inaccurate memory or assessment of past events, trying in vain to re-experience an emotion or event from the past possibly by manufacturing a similar situation.

We have seen this many times. That has been overturned. It is working itself out.

it has been quite the adventure over the last couple of years. Those of us who follow the signs and messages know that we have hoped for this turn of events. Every sign and message is that I know of signifies that it is here and on its way. Patience can take time.

When I draw a Tarot card, unless I know for sure this is the only singular card, I take a look at the other cards with it.

With the six of cups today is temperance and three of wands. They both fit with this special message.

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