December 28, 2021 Tuesday

The number 28 symbolizes balance, harmony, service to others, empathy, adaptability, divine life purpose and soul mission, manifestation of wealth, prosperity and abundance, solving problems, achieving success, knowledge, inner wisdom, and the Universal Spiritual Law.

When this day appears, or when you see this number, the Universe, your angels, are sending you the number 28, as a message that your attitude, confidence, self – belief and overall positive attitude towards life and life circumstances, are leading you to abundance which will soon appear in your life.  They remind you to be grateful for all the blessings you have and share them with others. They want you to be aware that your optimism and positive affirmations will create all you desire in your life.  They are praising you for the good work you have done and encouraging you to continue you with what you are doing.

The number 28 might be sending you a message that something will soon end in your life, but another opportunity will appear soon after, which will be very beneficial for you.  Remain calm and faithful because you will be taken care of during any period of transition.  In some cases, when the number 28 appears, the angels are asking you to think about beginning a spiritually based career or humanitarian work.  They ask you to reconsider using your gifts to help other people, even if it is temporary or a learning experience.  Helping yourself, helps others. 

So as stated above ” They remind you to be grateful for all the blessings you have and share them with others.”  On Appreciation Tuesday, share something you appreciate. 

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