Thankful to have read what I wrote two years ago. It’s still stands true. The last part is especially important. It has been a difficult couple of years and forgiveness is especially important. My reminder is to think about what you were saying before you actually say it. Think about it before you call someone, before you send any type of message whether it be on social media, text message or email. Please think about how that other person would feel before you send the message. Especially if you are struggling thinking about writing it down first on a piece of paper or as a note in your phone. Let it sit for a little while and see if it still sounds right. If it comes from your heart you will know the truth. But if it doesn’t and it’s meant to aggravate someone, that is never a good feeling for either person. There are many people who find a way to spoof phone numbers and send a text message or voicemail. There are many ways to steal identities and photos online. There are many ways to spoof someone’s social media. It is a reminder to be careful and cautious because if you feel it is a love one messaging you of course you would want to respond. It makes it difficult. These things tend to happen more so over this time of year. I spoke with a police officer two years ago regarding this, during this time of year. I also spoke with a police officer a couple months ago. It began happening again as some of the news outlets tried to mention as a caution. You cannot believe everything that you see or hear. God bless you and on today have a Merry Christmas.

: #post 2 yrs ago : I light a candle for all those who come before us, for all that is now & for all that will be. I’ve heard a great piece of advice recently & over the years.. paraphrasing “It’s not for everyone” “it’s for those who understand” or “not everyone will understand” Both times it came from a Capricorn, down to earth & hard worker. For me it runs deeper than that because I believe we can always create & develop a deeper understanding. But that advice and perspective has always stuck with me. And the “IT” in the message could mean anything. This year I learned a lot about forgiveness and how forgiveness creates change. I found forgiveness in a way I hadn’t before, or maybe in a way I had forgotten. Don’t let anyone ever take that forgiveness away from you. It offers peace & with that peace comes a deep sense of love. And that is beyond precious.

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