December 23, 2021 Thursday

The number 23 denotes adventure with a touch of diplomacy and creativity.

It is a great number of music.

Associated with the Archangel Michael.

It’s associated with cookies and sweaters. Which also means cooking and fashion.

It symbolizes architecture, the love for history, the love for expression, which could mean expressing yourself in a variety of ways. Movies, dance, yoga, cooking, adventure, perspective, singing, and creativity.

23 can be very independent, it is also very family orientated. But only for the right family. And only for the right reasons. It is often mistaken for the word stubborn, however a better word to use as strong or strength.

It also symbolizes the number five which is heart, mind, body, spirit, soul. It equally entails all of the five along with a unmatched strengths to God, and all that God means.

Someone associated with the number 23 will not argue with you. They will not follow you, they may not lead you, but they will guide you.

They will always walk beside you, the number 23 always walks beside you, which is why it is often associated with birds. There are the auspicious bird such as the crow and the raven. Those will always walk beside you, walk with you. There are many other types of birds, different types of angels, and people who will walk beside you. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life you will always have someone to walk beside you.

Today on this thankful Thursday, what are you thankful for? It’s something to ask each and every day.

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