December 22, 2021 Wednesday

The number 22 is mainly associated with self care. Which always entails self-love. Like the previous day this also has four within it. 2+2. It is about family which is about your relationship to yourself, your relationship to your surroundings, your relationship to your family. It is a great day to reflect upon your astrology chart. Or a Astrology in general. Do you think about the signs in relation to each planet. Within each season. In correlation with each element. It also relies heavily upon plant life. The oxygen it gives us. How respectful we should be. To the earth, to our homes, and to ourselves. Again this means everything that yourself and your home entails..

The number 22 is associated with the planet Pluto and it also signifies the word light.

Saint Dymphma talks about the number 22 and healing.

Christ was also a healer often associated with the 22.

God, David, the angels, are often talked about.

The Bible is associated with 22.

Deers are a spiritual animal of days 22.

It is a day of burnt offerings. Many people do this in different ways. While you can talk to God, Christ, and Jesus. Many use this as a time to talk to the goddess, or goddesses. In any way that they feel closest to their heart. Be at a planet or some sort of entity was in the multiuniverse. It could even be an angel and many times it is an archangel. Burnt offerings means different things, it could be lighting of a candle, the smudging of herbs, food or drink. It doesn’t mean that you actually burn something, but it is a ritual, tradition, or ceremony of some sort. It is a certain way that people are taught to do this. It could be done alone in meditation. It could also be something visual.. Many people take note of what they do and write it in a journal, some people called us the book of shadows. It is a book of remembrance, a book of memories, a book of recipes, a book of traditions, something to look back upon, to reflect upon, and to use again. As well as to share with members of your family. In that year or years to come. This dates back to ancient times.

Sometimes it is the rising of the Phoenix. Although that does relate to the following day the 23rd more so.. Fire on this day of the 23rd is also a type of burnt offering. You may write a letter, a note, a word, something of importance to yourself and burn the paper. It may be a Wish, a dream, and intention, a thought. Anything that is close to your heart that you want to bring to you or release.

In Revaluation 22 – Final chapter of the Bible – Jesus, the Alpha and Omega —v12 “Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done.

As you can see this is 12–22

For December 22 specifically.

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