December 21, 2021 Tuesday

The number 21 is associated with Fibonacci.

The number 21 adds down to the number three.

21 2021 adds up to the number eight which is the number of infinity. Today is the day of the winter solstice. A changing of the seasons.

A division of four, as in four seasons, and the four elements water, air, fire, earth and mind, body, spirit, soul. All in that order.

12212021 adds up to 11 and down to a 2

There are 4 twos within this date. Again the number four.. Trigonometry can be born of the state as in 2+1 = 3. It is a rollaround of numbers. It is not only a changing of the seasons it is a changing of the holiday on the calendar. We move into what is considered a spiritual religious season. A festive season.

Or at the very least a different festive season. It can be auspicious and mystical as well as magical. It has been a time of year where you may not know what to expect. There are lots of miracles every day, but at this auspicious time of the year different miracles can and do occur.

This number is associated with trust.

It is interesting to mention that there are some words that appear 21 times in the Bible, such as the words “Frankincense“, “the Father“, “Flood“, “star“, and “James“.

There is no doubt that number 21 is a sacred number that is in a close relationship with the Temple and God. In one day Jesus Christ appeared in 21 places in the Palestine, in order to confirm all his believers that he was resurrected.

Number 21 is a clear sign that something is going to change in your life, because you will hear the voice from the universe.

The next chapter will tell you why number 21 is appearing in your life more than before and what you should know when you see it again.

Winter Solstice

Art appreciation

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