December 20, 2021 Monday

This Number is ruled by Chandra (Moon), and it represents Mind, Dharma and Prosperity.

Your home is bound to bring balance to your life. Many associate mother Mary with the number 20. to do something special on the 20th for your home which is also considered your body, as it houses your mind body spirit and soul at the very least. It includes your heart and what your heart includes. It is your hearth, your fire.

Sometimes the number 20 lens itself to a bit of forgiveness, as in if we carry heavy burdens.

It can be very well associated with the sign of Scorpio which is the sign of home and family. Again family could be your own self which is your body mind spirit soul and heart.


Many people who are John to the number 20 have a special connection with Christ.

It is also a special connection with God.

It is also associate as a connection with Jesus, and mainly a water connection.

People born on the 20th or people drawn to the number 20 have a special draw or connection to bodies of water, such as beaches, oceans, lakes, ice, and all things associated with water such as skating, skiing, and swimming.

Many people associated with the 20th love to just stand in water. It is about balance for them. As well as to connect with the sun and the elements. You can be connected to the 20th specifically or any day with a two and a double digit. And be connected to these things. These days are really easy to connect with the universe, the galaxy, the cosmos. It is also easy to connect with all of those associated with this and spirituality, even religion. As I mentioned God, Christ, Jesus, Mary, goddesses, saints, stars, elements, planets, and so forth.

Many people on this day are connected to Syfy, science, intelligence, and imagination. Which would also include instinct and intellect. All revolving around the mind body spirit soul and heart. Be it yourself, or anything else.

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