The Great Night of Shiva

December 13, 2021 (Monday)

The thirteenth night of the waning moon in the Hindu month of Maagha is sacred to Shiva.

Maha Shivaratri means “the great night of Shiva”.

It was on this thirteenth night Shiva preformed the Tandava, the dance of creation, preservation and dissolution.

On Maha Shivaratri the devotees fast and carry out all-night vigil. The next day is full of feasting.

It is told that the thirteenth night of Maagha is the favorite of Shiva.

Sitting, Sacred, Christ, Water of Jesus

It is a message to trust yourself; trust your instincts, your passions, your interests, your inner wisdom.

What is it that you find inspirational? 

How do you inspire others? 

Can you name 13 ways and / or things? 



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