Dewey Decimal System Day Celebration December 10th 2021

Dewey Decimal System Day, December 10, honors Melvil Dewey and the library classification system he created to efficiently maintain our libraries’ inventory of books. With over 1 billion people visiting public libraries every year, it’s vital to have an easy-to-read system for us to find the exact location of the books we hope to read.


♥️ I love my time in Libraries and really enjoyed the time I worked in one. Old habits die hard. I still straighten up the library when I’m there 😉 ps i love numbers.

In the heart of Mars, Amethyst meets Pyres. Combining their imaginations, Amethyst’s visions continue to awaken across the vast distances of space. Through the act of creation, the two explorers discover something we are all searching for: love.

With poetic language and rich imagery, Heather Maria takes readers on a mystical and magical journey that will delight readers both young and young at heart. This fable about how life originated through creation and design encourages us all to reconnect with the lost parts of ourselves. Amethyst and Pyres show us how to unify our hearts with our minds. They remind us of the stunning world we create when we let love in.

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