Archangel Gabriel message December 1st 2021

Take what you need.

Happy December 1st.  2021 Wednesday

6 cards instead of 1 to start the last month of 2021

Archangel Gabriel

Good Morning

I took a walk early this beautiful morning and returned with my intentions to choose a card for today from this deck.  I thought I’d share them.  Instead of one, there are 6 different yet similar messages.  All 6 do fit together. 

You can use all 6 messages at once, or only the ones that resonate. 

1-Agent or Manager, your work expands its reach as you partner with a professional who can help you.

2-Detox Time, release toxins from your body, mind, and diet.

3-Law of Attraction, keep your thoughts positive and surround yourself with positive people and situations, and you will attract more positivity into your life.

4-Journaling, consistently writing about your feelings and activities stirs creative ideas and builds your confidence as a writer. 

5-Stay true to yourself, don’t compromise or water down your ideas, listen to, trust, and follow your inner voice.

6-Editor, your writing or other creative project benefits from outside help and support. 

Which one (s) resonate with you?

If you have any questions about any one or more of the cards, please let me know and I can elaborate.

For instance, (Journaling) you are always receiving ideas and feelings as a message for yourself or for another (others).  A good guidance is to record or begin recording your inspirations in some sort of journal, written, video, or audio.  Either an electronic notebook or physical book.  Each thought and idea, no matter how far insignificant it may seem, is important.  It may start small, it may be pieces to a puzzle, all are seeds in some sort.  To be planted or implemented.  Soon they will blossom in a know or surprising way. 

(Editor)  Heaven does want to help you.  And loves your help.  For everything to shine brightly.  Partnering with someone else brings in a new fresh set of eyes, just as if you were to put your notes, thoughts, and ideas aside for awhile and then look at them again.  Questions and answers may arise. 

Suggestion: sit back with a warm cup or coffee or tea, and think about your thoughts, ideas, prayers, and even wishes and dreams

The Universe is willing to manifest what you want and need in the highest regard.  

God Bless

Archangel Gabriel

1 thought on “Archangel Gabriel message December 1st 2021

  1. Gabriel is my personal Archangel so this reading really speaks to me.

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