June / Summer 2021

Card of the day. Don’t let pride get in your way. It’s a message to take with you. Listen to what it means personally for you.

The card itself is the full moon in Leo.

Remember that self-esteem is good and vanity is not. Remember that everyone is equally important and that so is everyone in your network.

Don’t rely fully on self. Don’t become so inner focused that you don’t see anyone else. That you don’t see anyone outside your network or everyone inside your network. Do not become so self focused that you miss out.

Remember that work work work isn’t always so important. The same with money.

There are more efficient ways of doing things. Either by yourself or with others. Too much alone time can become a sort of habit that creates a habitat that is not always emotionally happy or helpful.

Don’t forget that love is important and that love can be shown properly.

If you forget, things become cold and distant. It definitely creates an imbalance.

You might miss out on the best thing that could happen to you.



Hand holding

Hand shakes

Looking in someone’s eyes

Telling the truth

They are all important

Letters, messages, gifts… ?

What are ways that you can show love today?

2 thoughts on “June / Summer 2021

  1. Being a Leo myself, this message really resonated with me! Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome, thank you.


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