Weekly Tarot 2-8-2021


February 8th, 2021

This week’s Tarot Card Reading

Prince of Swords – Air

Seven of Pentacles – Earth

The Lovers  (Major Card)

This week the New Moon is Thursday February 11th in the sign of Aquarius.  The moon begins it’s time in Aquarius Tuesday February 9th at 7:13pm cst and stays until the 12th at 1:09am when we also celebrate the Chinese New Year, Friday February 12th in the sign of the OX. 

On Saturday the 13th, the moon will be in a waxing crescent in the sign of Pisces, and a waxing crescent in the sign of Aries 9:37am cst on Sunday the 14th, Valentine’s Day.  Aries are very thoughtful, and we can see that the 3rd card this week is the Lovers.  It does not have to necessarily be romantic as in partners, it is about what you love.  That could be another, your family, pets, nature, life, your passions, hobbies, wishes, dreams, yourself; as well as spiritual; God, Jesus, the Universe, what resonates with you.  You may choose to become more highly evolved in some way shape or form, consciously or unconsciously. 

Now is a good time to focus. 

In the cards, The prince holds a sword and a book signifying Thoughts.

It could be beliefs, subconscious, communication, or the mind.  

Seven of Pentacles here means Change.  Change is coming.

The card also signifies physical reality, tangible, everyday living, money, work, health.

It also suggests to be grounded.  Concentrate upon health, healthy eating, healthy mindset, positive thoughts, meditation, yoga, walking, nutrition.  Looking toward Spring.

The Lovers (6) card can signify union, love, balance, harmony, outlook, dreams, understanding.  It also signifies ancestors and a connection.  Look to connect with your ancestors especially this week and on or toward the 14th, possibly going into next week. 

The main message is a positive change is occurring.  Has been worked upon and will be seen.  You may also think about what you may have wanted to manifest. 

The focus this week that I continue to hear is “Spring”

Anything you can do to focus on the positive change from now until the Equinox on March 20th is appreciated. 

The Sun is in Aquarius until February 18th when it turns into Pisces. 

The 2 signs are also significant in the moon this week.

Aquarius is the Water Bearer, dispensing a gift that flows freely and equally to all, representing creation and the giving of life. 

Lucky Days of Aquarius are Wednesdays.  Lucky Numbers are 1 and 7.

Amethyst is the stone.

And Large Birds the spirit animals. 


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Heather Maria is an Author, Reiki Master and Teacher, Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Clarity Coach, Divine Intuitive Empath, Astrologer, Shaman, Photographer, Writer, Artist and Creatrix. She provides Divine Inspiration, Encouragement, Wellness, Clarity and Wisdom. Her products include divine oil blends, ancient sacred bracelets, a channeled Goddess Book “Goddess Messages A Book of Love” and a published Children’s Book entitled “Amethyst and Pyres The Story of How it Began.” Her products and services were developed with the mind, body, spirit, soul, and heart in mind. She is an award winning photographer, her healing art inspires the world. She is extremely knowledgeable about Holistic Health, Apothecary, Essential Oils, Energy Work, Wellness, Deities, Angel, Oracle and Tarot cards, Astrology, crystals, gemstones, birth right, numerology, Chakras, herbs, ancient history and this world. You may find her at HeatherMaria123.com

8 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot 2-8-2021

  1. I have to agree that now really is a good time to focus. I feel as if we are on the very edge of a new beginning and we can only take what is true for us on the journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True Barb. I loved your blog as well. Need to comment and share. New beginnings can mean destruction. 2021 is definitely a new beginning. I started my 40 day health challenge on Sunday. It feel good. I was so inspired after the posts I’d seen from you and others. It’s something I have thought about and now the time seemed right. ❤️


  2. What I need to do right now requires single-minded focus and I can relate to the reading this week. I’m working on finding the right intention for tomorrow’s New Moon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad to hear. It feels like a special one, this new moon.


  3. Very insightful post, Heather Maria. It is a wonderful time to focus and allow the inspiration to flow.

    I love the “Talon” photograph. There is an abundance of wisdom captured in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Cindy, I appreciate that.


  4. This is a highly wise reading Heather. I am certainly taking pointers from it.
    xoxo, Z~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m glad it is of value to you. Thank you for commenting.


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