The Tarot Card of January 2021

**It was not previously posted but I am posting it now for anyone who would like to reflect upon it now or at a later time. *

Tarot Card of January


by: Heather Maria

This month’s Tarot Card is Ace of Wands.

It is from the “Influence of the Angels” Tarot Deck

The Ace of Wands, it is a Sacred Fire.  It is a celebration of life.  Mind, body, heart, spirit and soul are the make-up of what you are.  A divine creation here to do divine things.  It is a promise, it is a co contract, it is a collaboration of all things living.  You signify this in one person soulfully connected.  The soul is one step below the line of Heaven.  It is divine.  It comes here divine and returns divine.  It is the circle of life.  We choose our path in co creation.  It is our duty to fully remember what that is.  It is our duty to follow it.  Our soul knows it is not only an honor, but a privilege.  Stand thankful as one as another year becomes.  January is a time for blessings, new and old.  As the previous year passes, we are lead into a state of gratitude. Gratitude creates blessings for the new year, for the next stage.  Another year to continue and another year to move forward.  January can be seen as a quiet time for contemplation.  A way to see the future.  It is a time important to sit with your soul.  To see and to set intentions.  This way will always manifest a beautiful life.  The key is to stay in contact with those intentions.  To revisit, to remember, to reflect upon your what and your why.  And to continue to co conspire to create your chosen path.

Ace of Wands

The Tarot Card of January

January 2021


Heather Maria

Heather Maria is an Author, Reiki Master and Teacher, Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Clarity Coach, Divine Intuitive Empath, Astrologer, Shaman, Photographer, Writer, Artist and Creatrix. She provides Divine Inspiration, Encouragement, Wellness, Clarity and Wisdom.  Her products include divine oil blends, ancient sacred bracelets, a channeled Goddess Book “Goddess Messages A Book of Love” and a published Children’s Book entitled “Amethyst and Pyres The Story of How it Began.”   Her products and services were developed with the mind, body, spirit, soul, and heart in mind.  She is an award winning photographer, her healing art inspires the world.
She is extremely knowledgeable about Holistic Health, Apothecary, Essential Oils, Energy Work, Wellness, Deities, Angel, Oracle and Tarot cards, Astrology, crystals, gemstones, birth right, numerology, Chakras, herbs, ancient history and this world.  You may find her at

**See website or Etsy for a special and traditional Tarot Readings.

Tarot is a way to manifest and acknowledge your gifts as well as your birth rite. Tarot provides inspiration and answers. I am also available to teach online or in person.

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