Weekly Tarot 2-1-2021


February 1st, 2021

Welcome to February

This week’s Tarot Card Reading

Wheel of Fortune

The Sun

Queen of Swords

Two Major Arcana cards and Air, signifying Love and the value of love. 

If we remember from last week’s :

“God has an infinite supply.”

So does the Universe.

February 1-7

Celebrate – Monday

Honor – Tuesday

Love -Wednesday

Family – Thursday

Heart – Friday

Connection -Saturday

Acquisition – Sunday

Study the cards and see how they as well as what is written relate to you personally.  Meditate, journal, study or give pause. 

I offer personal detailed tarot and oracle card readings if you are interested. 

Many are posted on my website and etsy.

I always offer to do them as they personally pertain to you.  I’d love a working relationship within being able to assist and guide others whenever needed, in whatever is needed.  I read, as well as teach. 

Heather Maria

Reiki Master Teacher, Author, and more



Wheel of Fortune:  A Mandala, The Tree of Life, the Number Four

May also represent cosmic order, applying your higher self, a shift in energies, as above so below

The Sun:  The object of light, beginnings, creation, firsts

Warmth, relationships, wellness, passion, devotion

Queen of Swords:  Conscious, Graceful, Attentive, Loving


p.s. I am also working to email these weekly readings as a PDF to my email list every Monday. If you would like to be added to my email list, feel free to message me or to sign up on my website.




*photo is available in various sizes for purchase


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