Imbolc 2021


February 1st and 2nd, 2021

by: Heather Maria

Imbolc is the celebration that falls halfway between Winter Solstice (Yule) and the Spring Equinox (Ostara).  It is a time to start thinking about what you want to Harvest. 

Imbolc means “in the belly” (our soul).

What do you intend to harvest?  What is in your soul?  What is in your divine path? 

What is it that you want?  And, what is it that you need?  Now is also a time to reflect on why, and how to bring it to fruition.

Journaling, candlemas, prayer, quiet thought, meditation, anything that stirs your heart, allows you to think, to reflect, and to bring forth a template, a blueprint, a type of plan.  Do what you can, then leave it also to God, to Goddess, to Source, to the Universe to co conspire, co create with you.  Intentions are powerful.  Knowing is powerful.  The only way to know, to truly know, is to know yourself, from the inside.

The Goddess Brigid is special to this time of year.  She is the Goddess of inspiration, creativity, healing, smith craft, poetry and candles.

Some special colors are white, red, pink, and black.  Gemstones are Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet, Onyx, Ruby, and Turquoise.  It is known for a time with baked goods, seeds, dried fruit, butter, milk, cheese, candles, cauldron, chalice, as well as the wisdom of the cow, sheep, and swan.  The flowers and plants are such as snowdrops, angelica, basil, bay, laurel, celandine.  Deities such as Brigid (Bride), Aphrodite, Eros, and Hestia.  Hestia is home, Aphrodite and Eros are love.  February in itself is such a special month. 

February is the 2nd month of the year.  The Number Two signifies partnerships, healthy relationships, intuition, insight, faith, trust, and love.  It also signifies compassion.  Compassion for self, and compassion for others.

Ways to celebrate Imbolc is to host a candlelight dinner, even if it is just by yourself.  Include your animals, pets, family, loved ones and friends.  Invite them virtually, or into your home.  In ancient times, people would invite strangers for warmth, compassion, coffee, and conversation.  It would create a beginning of companionship and community.

Create meals for intentions.  Use food as way to create what you would like to accomplish.  Use foods as a way to express yourself. 

Light candles, create an alter.

Dress in something that makes you feel good.

Meditate and Journal

Go outside, go for a walk, sit in nature.

Honor the sunlight.

Appreciate all that nature has to offer.

Remember and acknowledge that you are part of nature as well. 

Candlemas can be traced back to the 4th Century of Greece, known as a purification holiday and celebration of the return to light.  It is also the adaptation of the Roman Holiday, Februalia. 

Whatever you choose to do, or however you choose to celebrate, anything that is true, is developed out of the uniqueness of love. 

Imbolc is thought of as the Kindling Light, The First Light.  February is often times a time for Firsts.  It is also a hope for all that is coming. 

May the light always be with you.

Sincerely and with love,

Heather Maria

p.s.  I offer two special tarot card readings for Imbolc.  They maybe be purchased through me, Facebook, Instagram, or Etsy.  One is the Celtic, the other is the Raven. 

*photo is available for purchase in various sizes


4 thoughts on “Imbolc 2021

  1. For something like the 14th year in a row I’ve signed on with the 40 Day Winter Feast For The Soul which asks us to commit to sitting and meditating for 40 days straight. It’s not like I don’t meditate pretty regularly anyway, but having it at this time of year, and especially having is fall during this sacred time, brings more meaning and intention to what I’m doing and why.

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  2. A beautiful blog to connect with spirituality. Thanks Heather Maria!

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