4 Reasons





Confucius 21

Aristotle 19

St Francis 5

Marie Laveau 31

From an early age, Confucius’s heart was set upon learning. Confucius searched at great lengths, mastering six arts, including ritual, music, archery, calligraphy, and arithmetic. As well as classical traditions, notably poetry in history. Confucius believed education should be accessible to all and defined learning is not merely the acquisition of knowledge but a powerful process in character building. Confucius’s philosophical ideas emphasize the importance of a virtuous life, with the principles based on kindness love and respect. As a great wise teacher Confucius showed us that we are all teachable, improvable, and able to reach perfection through personal and communal endeavors. Confucius also teaches us to love life and existence. To meditate with self, meditate with existence and meditate with life.

Aristotle was a philosopher who’s perspective was grounded in realism and logic. Aristotle writings on metaphysics and ethics, were rooted in observation rather than reason or deduction.. Aristotle was concerned with investigating what caused the material matter. Aristotle was a wise teacher. Aristotle is happiest being present in mind, body, spirit, soul. Aristotle opened up to experiences in the greatest and grandest capacity. Aristotle will guide you to see that same way. it would be closing doors on matters they keep us weighed down in small dramas. In that energy we can awaken and connect to the deep rich wisdom of this Earth and of this Universe. The way to create positive change is to avoid extremes. It is a way to grow, it is a way to thrive. There’s always a bigger goal head and it is important to celebrate our hard fought wins and victories. We are kinder and braver for overcoming any enemy.

St Francis developed a blueprint and a mission to share the divinity of peace, forgiveness if needed, and love.. St Francis always teaches us to learn love through unexpected ways. The soul of Saint Francis always shines. St. Francis is unmasked and unveiled, the teachings to always show your true self. There’s nothing fake and false about this world unless you allow it. Francis was a true shaman, a chief of the spirit, who delve deep into the learning of the ancient secrets and healing rights of nature. Francis honored sacred space, personal space, And communal space. St. Francis allows us to let go and enjoy the soul vibration of this Earth and of life. Through mountain peaks and desert sands this earth would take your hand it would guide you unseen to walk along the green and the evergreens.

Marie Laveau teaches us freedom and respect. Something that is never to be forgotten. She teaches of healthy forms of passion, creativity, and strength. She allows for a clear path, a space. A room for your own magick to rise.. All possible solutions are found within life and within love. Marie is the foundation for hard work. Marie shows the importance of empowering yourself, of hard work, and the pride and confidence and strong foundations. She reminds us not to rely on shortcuts, she teaches us to rely on unique soul rhythms and patterns. do you have a life and you have a heart, it is your responsibility. Never apologize for your true power. You are of God’s creation, of God’s love. Marie is a fiery and passionate teacher in spirit. She encourages the study of knowledge and placing it into practicality; thoughtfully and respectfully.



Heather Maria

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