The Goddess of January 2021

Setting boundaries

Love yourself enough to say no to others and their demands on your time and energy. With her being a human a person place or thing and energy. Learn to set boundaries and know that you can say no to anything that is. Never say no to yourself. Ishtar is sacred. She is to be celebrated and invoked as a force of life, as are you. You are to be celebrated and you are to be invoked as a force of life. Mind body spirit and soul as life. As God intended. You have a heart that must be treasured. Ishtar is The Goddess of January. She has been worshiped and invoked since ancient Babylonian times. She is motherly yet protective. She signifies ancient wisdom as well as healing. She is a multi dimensional goddess. As well as a multi dimensional God. She loves her angels. She is known to float high above the heavens. She is for the people. She is for humanity. She has always seen the land flourish. She will see the land flourish. And we will get back to humanity. The messages, is that we have all been through difficult times. But the time is coming to let that go. We will get back to humanity in a way that was intended. The land will be replenished and the land will be reflourished.

As you respect yourself and as you respect your own boundaries and the boundaries of others as well as the boundaries of the land, the land will be respected in turn you will be respected. This is beneficial to the brothers and sisters of this land, and for you to flourish. This is a healthy benefit for us all. Oneness. With love and light for the future.


The Goddess of January

January 2021


Heather Maria

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5 thoughts on “The Goddess of January 2021

  1. Boundaries are essential to our health. I have had to say no to a couple of projects recently because my energy has already been committed to other projects and clients. I love this Goddess deck and have it myself. I agree, you have to love yourself enough to say no.
    Many Blessings,

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  2. Barb van Wickland January 13, 2021 — 8:14 am

    Love the thought about loving yourself enough. What struck me was that I’m careful about setting boundaries around my time but not necessarily my energy. That leaped out at me as I read your post. I’ll be giving this greater consideration. It’s also encouraging as we consider what’s happening in our country right now.

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    1. Thank you Barb, I appreciate your response. I’m glad it helped. Have a beautiful day.


  3. I think this pandemic and having to learn new ways to live have allowed us to set all kinds of new boundaries, many of them for our highest and best good.

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  4. I feel we do need more time for ourselves and create the boundaries required to recharge. 2020 may be over but the pandemic isn’t and we still have a long journey ahead of us. A very timely reading and sound advice.

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