New Year 2021 approaching

With the New Year 2021 approaching, you may want to read (reread) the message posted on January 2nd of this year 2020. This new year 2021 is about Love. LOVE is the word of the year 2021

January 2nd, 2020: : :

About the first of the Month I will be pulling a Goddess of the Month card. I had planned on doing this yesterday, but instead choose to rest. In doing that I honored the MAEVE inside of me as this morning I chose the card. The Goddess is Maeve. January is a time to honor your Rhythms and Cycles. A time to honor YOURSELF. Your body, your energy levels, your emotions, your LIFE. As the Earth honors herself, as the Planets honor themselves, as the Moon honors herself, it is time to learn. It is a new way of thinking, a higher more elevated way. A cosmic way to Dance with the light. The first 3 months of any new year are always the most powerful, the most important. I hear something the other day that deeply resonates, it’s not just Self Care..It’s Soul Care, and that which lasts a lifetime. Self care is great, Soul care is better. This is Maeve’s message. Maeve dances with the light and she makes her own way. She listens then proceeds never acting in haste. 2020 is a new way to live. And it is up to us to spread that message. You may want to read the Dec. 31s Goddess Message day 52 if you haven’t. It is about really letting go of what does not serve us and thinking from a much higher perspective. It is much better for the planet as a whole. This is the year of Compassion. It is something that all of Heaven and that of the Universe is here for. On January 10th the full Wolf moon moves into Cancer at 1:23pm central time. A very significant time. I plan on diving back into astrology and numerology and writing more about this. ** what I’ve decided to do this year is offer a Goddess of the month card for anyone who would like one in my The Angel Of Light private group. I will do this at the beginning of each month. Free free to join. Link in comments**Also the Lapis Lazuli was chosen as the gemstone of January. It is a very ancient powerful stone of light and love that will assist in every way possible.

My Goddess book “Goddess Messages A Book of Love” 63 channeled messages is available through me, Amazon, and listed on my main website page

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