Magical Gateway

Today is about movement. Get up today and move your body in anyway possible. Show love. Stretch, walk, do yoga, tai chi, or some sort of movement. Move to your mind, move to your body, move to the ways of the universe, move to your own soul. your body and your mind will appreciate it. Movement brings in energy and it breaks up energy. It helps us to think. This morning I got up and walked 10 minutes on the treadmill that’s all it took to reset my mind body and energy. The fairies want you to have a very fun and loving day today. It’s Saturday and sometimes we need a reset. Think about something fun, think about something creative, and think about enjoying nature in someway. With much gratitude, appreciation and love. Know you are loved always by the beings of light, the universe, and all entails.

Archangel Jeremiel is the Arcángel moving us today.

It is a magical gateway.

2 thoughts on “Magical Gateway

  1. Being stuck inside for the majority of the year had made me use my imagination to get more exercise besides just going out for a walk when the weather permits and my hip doesn’t complain. I use a stair stepper, a little pedal machine, some sitting and light standing yoga poses, and even pulling up a walking video on YouTube and walking in place slowly as I take in the “sights.” You have to think outside the box!

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  2. Counting my blessings during the lockdown thank God I had Miss Coco for company and a reason to venture out in the compound for her walk and spend time in the back lawns soaking in Nature. When I need that extra boost, I use a rose attar and also light rose fragrance incense sticks. It makes a big difference.

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