Feast Day of the Angels September 29th

Today is Feast Day of the Angels September 29th, 2020.   The Hierarchy of Angels, Seraphim on down are important to everyday life.  Today may we remember.  May we also remember that all of the Angels were created by God.  Each and every one of us have Guardian Angels as well.  May we never forget our individuality and what has been gifted to us as we chose to be upon this earth.  It is the Kiss.  In the Goddess realm, it is also called the Ming.  The “Ming” of all things.  Kissed from God as we enter this precious life.  Archangel Michael as the Prince of the Heavenly Host.  Archangel Gabriel as The Angel of the Lord.  And Archangel Raphael as the Saint of Travelers.  The Trinity.  “The Heavenly Lord Heals”  He who looks like man is an angel.  He who is an angel looks like God.  He who looks like God has god inside. 

May we remember Peace.  May we remember Beauty.  May we remember Honesty.  May we remember God.  Today, also known as Michaelmas, the Feast of Angels, which falls near the Equinox of Autumn.  As the Seasons Change, and we realize this, we become closer to God.  The angels that appear are a realization that God is Omnipresent, and so are they.  Happy Feast Day. 



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