Develop your Intuition Part 2

Regarding the previous blog post…

It was choose a card, 1 or more.

Thank you for all your comments. I’d love to hear what you think about the messages for you only if you would like to share. I hope they have helped you in someway.

#1 is enlightened action by Tara. Green tends to be the color of our soul it is also a color prominent on Mars and other planets. Your soul is informed of every step and action. Your soul informs you of every step and every action. Green Tara is The Buddha of enlightened action. Buddha here means thoughts. Enlightened means divine. You are being called to take action in some sort of way. It may be something as simple as something very subtle. The most important thing here is to listen to your own thoughts. Not the thoughts of society nor the thoughts of others.

#2 is Freedom by Mira Bai. I call her Mirabella Bai. Everything is centered in love. Don’t be sold in Illusion. You may be lead down paths that are not meant for you. That could be something as small as a sales pitch. It could be a small as an ad. It could be a comment written or spoken. You know in your soul what this means for you. Spending frivolous money on something that you don’t need especially when you’re being sold some type of illusion. Honest hard work is important. Your soul knows who to trust and what to trust. You’re soul knows the difference between reality and illusion. Connect with your own soul. And find those who help you to do so. You will know what this means.

#3 is to make your life a number one priority. Your soul has a capacity to receive love that never ends. A soul incorporates wisdom beauty and grace. You need to remember that you are not only a soul but you are a soul in a human body. Full of flesh and blood. It does not mean that you are bound to anyone. You with your higher consciousness will know what that means. To sit down and meditate is important to you. Learning is important to you. But what is important to your soul is that you sit down and take some time to think about what it is you want or need to learn. Do not be drawn in to distractions. Focus. Mary Magdalene.

#4 is you are ready to go. This is Brigid and this could mean a variety of things for you. It is now fall in much of the world and it is spring in others. It is the equinox. Times have changed and what is important to you is important in your soul. You have an eternal flame. You are highly connected to God and to source. You are highly connected to the past. You tend to be a very old soul. You are the goddess of the eternal flame. You find wisdom where it resides. You reach out to your soul family. You tend to find them and they find you. Each day your light shines brighter. You have most likely been on this path for a very long time. You tend to enjoy what you do but may be searching for more. Fear not, it’s out there.

Second set of cards.

Thank you for all your comments. I’d love to hear what you think about the messages for you only if you would like to share. I hope they have helped you in someway.

#1 is Awakening Presence. El Morya asks when did you feel that you first woke up or are you still awakening? There are universal wisdom‘s within you. It is up to you to decide if those universal wisdom‘s are open to you or if you have blockages. When we are blocked in some sort of way whether it be our chakras or something else it can cause havoc in our lives. You as an individual will know what that means. You would also know what to do about it. Otherwise El Morya asks that you Think about what it is that you could do. Reach out to others, a trusted master to assist you and your soul if needed. He wants to remind you that we are all healers in someway. We all have a life purpose and a mission in life. But we can’t always do it alone. Remember to find those who are in your highest good. They will help you reached where you need to go and to keep you sane while you were doing.

#2 is Call to action. This is Commander Ashtar and one of my absolutely favorite beings. There is a sole purpose and a soul mission for you. If you chose this card know that your information tends to lie in the hands of commander Ashtar. If not specifically him, part of his team. He is typically part of your divine team if you were drawn to this card. You may be a Reiki practitioner, or you may be intelligently drawn to the universe. There’s something that you want to know. It is definitely surrounding the universe in someway. By using a call to action you will find or know what that means. If you need to know more ask commander Ashtar. He can guide you. There are human resources as well as intelligent universal wisdom. There is something in your soul path that you need to know.

#3 is Open Communication. Mercury is prominent in your chart if you were drawn to this card by choice or by looking at the photo. Your astrology sign in mercury is a signal for you as is your entire astrology report. In addition to mercury brings you love. I can also bring you a great deal of peace. The color and connection to the planet is wellness for you. Your soul will know what that means. Search and you will find. That is the message.

#4 is Inner Strength from the incredible Brigid. As in the goddess reading I posted yesterday as well, you are on fire. You know the truth. You are not swayed by lies. Your inner strength, you’re in the inner fire, your kundalini, is the constant power. You are the strength for the entire family, for a whole line of ancestors. You go back in history. Your soul is bound by nothing. It is you. You are the one. If there is a part of you that feels otherwise, you must return to wholeness. You have Celtic visions. That as well as Ireland is a strength for you. As is culture diversity unity and love. You, are so much needed in this world. Never forget.

There’s something I have been thinking about that my guides brought to my attention again today. Being a Reiki master teacher and with the way this year has been I haven’t used the time to develop a technical class to teach Reiki in the way others do. I realize that sometimes I am more of a hands-on teacher. I feel that I might have more of an advanced style than others or rather that I have developed my own style which is important. If you’d love to learn Reiki in a different way and are locally-based in the general area of Milwaukee please let me know. I offer sessions which in most cases most people who are looking to learn Reiki would need. Within those sessions I can also offer my teachings. I am open to one on one teaching‘s that would work best for both of us. Rather than a class with more than one person I enjoy working one on one with people. However I am open to developing something if you know of others that would like to join you such as friends or family members who would like to learn together. If you or someone you know might be interested please reach out to me. I am also open to offering these classes via video such as Zoom. In that regard I do offer clarity sessions that are similar to Reiki sessions while meeting on zoom one on one, typically for an hour. Half hour sessions also available. Tarot card teachings or working to develop your intuition and work with spirit is available as well.

Heather Maria

Reiki Master Teacher

Usui and Karuna Ki

Angel Teacher

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