Develop your Intuition

Card of the Day is ODIN “psychic insight”

“Use your 3rd eye to see the truth and follow your intuition.”

3rd eye intution
Odin’s bracelet is sacred as is the yarn. The channeled colors mean Dependable, Sensibility, and Eloquence. He is a man of insight. Only available through
Odin’s unique one of a kind downloaded essential oil blend. Available only through
Odin’s unique one of a kind bracelet.

Odin is sensible and eloquent as is psychic insight. To learn more about developing your intuition please contact me directly.

The message today is to look beyond what your physical eyes see. This is also a message from the Goddess Tara, whom he works with.

Today the sun shown it’s magnificence. Between Tara and Odin the colors and the energies swirled. Pinks, oranges, white, reds and browns connecting through sign and symbols. Are you on the right path?

Heather Maria Photography

Be aware of winged beings gracing your path as a wink from Odin and the light keepers to say that they see you. What are your signs and messages? What totem animals are there for you?

If you’d like to work with me regarding your totem animals, spirit guides, intuition, life path or something else, I’d be happy to work with you. I offer many services tailored to individual needs. Please contact me.

All photos are available for sale in a variety of sizes. Please contact me if interested.

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Today I offered 2 sets of cards on my social media sites. Card Reveals are designed to use your intuition to receive messages. Being a Tarot Reader for many years, I love offering these from time to time. If you would like your own personal reading, I offer different ones as well as the traditional 11 card.

These messages come from the divine keepers of light. I love this oracle deck by Kyle Gray. When I first started doing Tarot card reading‘s through oracle cards with a divine purpose a few years ago this was my go to deck. It was the one I use most often. I find it has the strongest beings of light included in this deck. They have never failed to bring me messages. For you to know what is your divine message choose a card 1 – 4, choose more than one, or choose them all in a specific order. Tarot card reading’s and oracle readings always tell a story. A story and Our story is always important. No matter what. What is it that you need to know, or what is it that you already know. use your intuition to choose and then use your intuition to know where these messages came from. Is it a being of light trying to contact you? Is it one or more of your angels? Is it in archangel? Is it the universe? Is it something greater? Or is it your own soul? Possibly a spirit guide or ancestor. I’d love to hear what you choose. The cards will be revealed tomorrow on Friday which to me is always a Day of the goddess. It is one of the most fruitful days and one of the most highly spiritual days to me. Have a wonderful Thursday. Heather Maria Reiki Master Teacher

Good morning.Today I’ve chosen to have some fun and to test your intuition. As well as bring you divine messages. It’s up to you to know where they are from. You may tune in and ask yourself ask your soul what it is you need to know or what it is that you may already know. You might also ask your angels or the universe what it is you might need to know. Or you may choose to ask your spirit guides, your ancestors, your love ones on the other side, you may choose to ask God, Source, or the Sun. You may choose to ask the fairies, the divas, the nature, beings, or a Goddess. I always teach to ask what is in your highest good. These cards are from the deck by Meggan Watterson. The Divine feminine oracle deck. Full of goddess wisdom. Choose a card one through four, choose more than one watches them on a specific order. Use your divine intelligence, and highest intuition to decide. I hope everyone enjoyed the changing of the season where you live. Happy Mabon. The card reveal will be posted tomorrow, Friday. Heather Maria Reiki Master Teacher

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I’d love to hear your comments regarding your intuition and which cards you are drawn to.

Odin’s sacred bracelet and oil

Norse God Odin. This is for the bracelet and the oil. May be purchased separately as well. Contact me if interested, or with questions. This includes shipping throughout the USA only. For orders and shipping outside the US, please contact me.



Tara Set

A set of 2 different oils and Sacred Bracelet to connect with Tara. Price is for shipping throughout the US only. For orders and shipping outside the US, please contact me.


“The Harmony of our Earth is a Blessing” Tara

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