Kwan Yin Goddess of the Day ~ September 21st

Yasmine means the symbol of love. We have that in the Goddess Kwan Yin. When I wrote the book “Goddess Messages A Book of Love” it began as 63 days of channeled messages from the goddesses who wanted to speak, from the goddesses who had a message and something to say. Those messages could have been written a long time ago, they could have been rejuvenated for this time in our world, nothing old and sacred ever goes away, however, our world did change. Today on September 21, which is the day before the season changes from summer to Autumn, she is our Goddess of the day. Between August and October last year lots of messages started coming through. They come through every year, but last year was different. This book wanted to be written. I can’t really explain it any other way. It began by writing messages every day for 63 days. Those messages wanted to be written and published in a book. And a unique book. In a keepsake book. These are messages that were not only pertinent to those specific days and time frame, they are pertinent to every day of our life. And on day seven of 63 days, it was the goddess and ascended Master, a mother figure, Kwan Yin who chose to speak. Seven is always a day of truth. It was Saturday, November 16 which was a seven day as well. It was also 2019 which in numerology is a three. Three means compassion, three means balance, three means love, and three means oneness. It incorporates us as a society. The three legged table. That day in numerology was also a 10 which is a one, which means our soul as in 111. It is not just our soul path, our soul passion, it is us. Her message is on page 10 of the book. Her Yasmin oil that I divinely downloaded and channeled contains six different essential oils. It is a blend specifically for her to hold her sacred energy As is her bracelet which was divinely channeled. Her bracelet has seven strands of yarn in seven different colors. It is color-coded, each strand with a meaning and a purpose along with her message. Her formula for the oil is called 18 nine. It is a universal number tied to many goddesses and her as a mother goddess. Kwan Yin is the mother goddess of compassion, the mother of mercy, the mother of peace. Today is the International day of peace. Pieces five, today is three, and there are seven letters in her name. Is a day of change, it is a day of prosperity, and it is the day of Love and truth. We can’t move forward into the new season unless we are honest with our self and others, unless we base everything in love. We have to have both feet in love at all times. It means love of and for the self, it is love of and for others, it is love of and for this world, this earth, creation. Her flower is the lotus, it is full of peace and prosperity but is also full of love. It is a place to go in your mind metaphysically or physically when you feel you have lost your way. Kwan Yin will always be there for you. You may wear her sacred energy on your wrist, hold it in your hand, wear it on your skin, well as take in every written word from her. All 3 are available for purchase through my different shops online or in person. Please contact me if interested. I always love to chat when I have the time.

Kwan Yin

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