Happy Labor Day from Lady Nada

Lady Nada, CALM, by Heather Maria.

Nada of the Universe and Divine Balance.  Calm, Light, Breath, and Sanity. 

Nada’s special blend of oils celebrates us as Nature and us a Human Beings.  Dignified and universal. 

Pictured is her unique one of a kind blend, all natural and all organic.  Available for purchase. 

Also pictured is her healing prayer.  The oil is a roll on oil.  Please contact me if interested. 

Today we celebrate Labor Day.  A day that honors the tradition of helping one another day by day.

It’s what makes the world go round. 

Lady Nada shows us why it’s important to be part of society in a healthy productive way.  In Arabic the word Nada means Giving.  In Russian it means “dew at sunrise.” 



Nada, Calm ~ Roll on oil blend

Unique one of a kind oil blend for Lady Nada, Lady of the Universe, Ascended Master and Goddess. All organic and non toxic. Price includes shipping in the US only. For other countries please message me at HeatherMaria123@outlook.com


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