Archangels of the week. September 6 through September 12, 2020.

Archangels of the week from today Sunday, September 6 through Saturday, September 12. Six powerful archangels for the first full week of September. Sunday, September 6 Archangel Raziel with spiritual understanding. Archangel Raziel brings esoteric information and symbols which help you understand the universal spiritual truths of the cosmos and the highest power for the highest good. Listening to what is in our highest good brings about not only what is best for us but what is best for everyone. To be honest at all times means to be conscientious at all times. We are conscientious of other people. To be respectful of other peoples lives. To know that we are individuals yet we are compassionate enough to always be able to work together with grace and with integrity.

Monday, September 7 with Archangel Jeremiel and our life review. Today it is time to take inventory of your life, time to resolve, change, or heal what it is that may be unbalanced knowing or unknowingly.

Tuesday, September 8 with Archangel Raguel with the message of Clairsentience. Today on Tuesday it is time to notice your reoccurring physical and emotional feelings as they are signs of Divine Guidance. Monday we take inventory. The Angels listened to our needs. Today we listen to our signs and messages from the angels, our spirit, and our souls. We listen to God‘s messages. Archangel Raguel is God‘s messenger, God’s friend, and a friend of all the angels. He shares their collective wisdom with us. He shares it with us when called upon and when we listen.

Wednesday, September 9 with Archangel Uriel. Today you know what to do. Trust your inner knowledge first and foremost especially after receiving guidance from the angels, your spirit, and your soul. Know what to do. If you are still unsure please take moments to stop and think to ask before you start upon a venture you are unsure about. There are many people to ask, human and divine.

Thursday, September 10 with Archangel Metatron and his spectacular Chakra clearing. Call upon him to clear and open any chakras by using sacred geometric shapes. This knowledge comes from the universe and only the universe. It is special to God in the goddesses. It is sacred wisdom surrounded in love, only love.

Friday, September 11 with Archangel Raziel. Today it is time to take back your power. We as a society can use our God-given power to create intentions in order to manifest the blessings in our life that we deserve.

Saturday, September 12 with Archangel Sandalphon. Today is a day for victory. This week we have followed the advice of the Angels. When we speak to and through God, God listens as does the angels. All of divinity listens. The universe listens. When we ask we receive. When we speak we listen. When we listen we speak. It is in that, that we are heard. We are heard from above and we heard from within. Thus, our prayers are answered.

If you are looking for guidance this week, this month, or the rest of the year, message me to purchase an individualized Tarot card reading or a chakra clearing. Many different readings available.

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