Hestia Goddess of September

Hestia… The goddess of September the goddess of sanctuary no matter where I am I am home. The most sacred sanctuary is found with me.

Hestia represents the warm protection and sanctuary we feel when we know we are at home Hestia is an ancient Greek goddess of the hearth. She is known for her calm abiding presence and her tremendous kindness. She has a Divine Personification of the Sacred Fire. This sits at the the center of someone’s home as well as in the center of every town or village. She would receive the first and last sacrifices of each day. Saint Hestia with the establishment of a new village and flame from her public hearth in the mother city would be carried to the new home she has a fire that grounds in the earth that can surround us, gather us, and stop our wandering. She has the emblem of the warmth of safety and nourishment of been in a loving community. She represents that motherly tangible and yet unseen connection between all our loved ones, she is the calm abiding presence that can only be found within our hearts our minds and our bodies our spirits and our souls. Hestia created the concept of sanctuary. It is considered a sacred obligation to shelter and protect those in need. She wants us to seek those situations and allow us to feel a sense of being home and she wants to create the form of sanctuary for everyone else. She fosters community and provides the stability of food and warmth and shelter when all else is coming aboad. Let your kindness provide your thoughts, she wants you to light a small fire in the center of your home and feel safe to call anybody home. It is time for renewal and for sanctuary within your body your mind your spirit your soul and your heart. Come home to yourself. September is the time to give yourself the rest and the time and the space to become the space to harbor love for others. For their beautiful soul and for yours, no matter where I am I am home. ♥️


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