Divine Guided Inspiration and Action

Monday Question
What was the best divinely guided idea you ever had that you chose to take action on?

For me it was writing my Children’s book. From the story to describing the illustrations, to faith in the design, to investment, to trusting my entire publishing team, to trusting my intuition, to trusting the Universe and the Divine. It all led to my most beautiful creation thus far. Creating is in my bones. I’m thankful to all that I’ve created and experienced by listening to my intuition and having conversations with the Divine. Whether it be God, Angels, Guides, Beings of the world and of the Universe or other souls, including my own.
Archangel Uriel was key in allowing my book to come alive. I was told 7 yrs ago I would be a children’s book author. How it manifested is a beautiful story.
Looking forward to creating more in this wonderful adventure series for children and adults alike. 😊

Amethyst and Pyres: The Story of How it Began https://www.amazon.com/dp/152556773X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_PvJ-Eb7J523SZ

On Amazon and other online markets. 💜
Including signed author books through me personally.

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