Fear Energy, Ego and The Pain Body 7-22-2020

I call it the triple treat.  Fear energy, ego, and the pain body (as Eckhart Tolle calls it.)  I want to share my perspective.  It is my perspective, that’s all, nothing else.   It’s a viewpoint not shared out of any type of anger or anything else.  Many of you know I channel messages, I believe in God, I am spiritual, I believe in good, I believe in a higher power, and I believe we all have choices.  I believe we have been given a mind, a body, a spirit, and a soul for a reason.  When we come to this earth we choose what to do with it.  For some reason, I feel I have searched my entire life to understand why the earth, the humans of the earth, stand the way it is.  People sometimes ask “if you could change one thing about this world, what would it be?”  I used to say “Hate” sometimes  I would say “anger.”  Yesterday I recognized it as Fear.  Fear energy.  It is something that has plagued this world for what I feel is eons of time.  Where and why it started is somewhat debatable due to the fact that is started so long ago, most of us might not remember.  Some people might feel that there is healthy fear or healthy ego.  I believe it’s only because we live in a fear society.  I believe we are all one and we are all connected in some way.  We all have a consciousness.  I believe God, the Universe, it is a consciousness as well.  In the collective consciousness, many things exist.  Fear is one, Love is the other.  In my mind, in some ways it feels like a battle between the 2, the opposites.  Over eons of time some people call it the Devil, or Satan, or a Demon, evil, and so on, but to me it’s just Fear.  I don’t want to say “just fear” because it is powerful.  And it is an energy, just like us, that exists.  To me there is no one person that can have that much power over you such as the Devil, Satan, or Demons, those are just words, although I do know I felt that way at times.  In my mind, not even God has that power over you, because God is love, and yes, that is powerful, if you choose to connect with it.  I sit with God, I sit with all of Heaven, I sit with myself, and I ask a lot of questions.  It’s important to have a form of understanding, not assumptions.  I believe in Heaven, I don’t believe in Hell.  I thoroughly appreciate all the thoughts, beliefs and viewpoints basically since the beginning of time.  But I also believe there is an ultimate truth.  I have always loved my life, but I also feel like something has always bothered me.  I’ve been searching for what that was over the past 7 years.  With so many viewpoints and perspective, not only of others, but that of my own, it felt difficult to see.  In addition, with all of us being so connected it can become foggy and clouded with perspectives and judgment, which in effect is fear of saying something “wrong.” Over this past week, things have become more clear to me and yesterday more so than any other day.  Rather than judge it as anything else, it is the energy that is called Fear.  Without that Fear, we have no ego, we have nothing that can attach and cause pain, mentally, emotionally, physically.  What that looks like for each individual, it just that… Individual.  We are all similar, but we are not exactly the same.  Fear can be powerful, even if it is not ours.  It causes, hate, anger, and pain, it turns into abuse, into trauma, and even into death.  We can literally talk ourselves into anything through Fear Energy.  It leads to addiction, to suicide, to loss of life.  Connecting with and staying in fear energy can literally kill us.  It’s not that I don’t believe there is a plan for when some of us leave this earth.  But I have seen people who have literally talked themselves into getting or staying sick/ill, and talked themselves into dying.  I hope that if we recognize it, it will go away, or that we can make it go away or transform by being aware and not connecting with it.  I have sat with God all year thinking about this “Covid” I hesitate to ever say anything about it due to so many strong opinions.  I see so much anger.  But more than anything, what it really is, is that I see fear.  I saw that there were people who predicted this pandemic, I don’t even remember if they called it a “virus.”  But just remember, everything such as this, stems out of fear, in some way, shape , or form.  I remember back when people would say 2020 would never happen, we wouldn’t exist.  Somehow we walked into 2020 collectively with so much fear surrounding it, that actually, in effect, it created the pandemic.  Did people become literally sick, or did they become filled with fear, or both?  Because every time a person gets sick, it can literally cause fear and panic, because our minds, our bodies, had become conditioned into believing in fear and connecting with it over time.  What really is Covid and everything else plaguing our world?  I’ll leave that thought for anyone who chooses to do so, to think about it.  For me it all stemmed / stems from Fear, everything from Fear.

earth day

Heather Maria

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