Angel of the Week July 12-18, 2020 ~ Crystal

Angel of the Week
July 12-18, 2020
Archeia Crystal works on and is connected to the Violet 7th Ray of Light. It is the Ray of Freedom, forgiveness, mercy, and transmutation. It is the Seat of your Soul and the Ray of light descending for Aquarius, the Water Bearer, which symbolizes the dispensing of a gift which flows freely and equally to all, representing creation and the giving of life. It can carry the Key to the wisdom of the future. It symbolizes “I Know” as in our / the Soul. It is also connected to the ankle, the ankle in motion, where wisdom resides. It can be similar to the old tradition of wearing a symbolic bracelet on your ankle, while in meditation, during yoga, while walking and enjoying life. It bring strength, wisdom, knowledge and courage. This week of July is a poignant week to work on removing blockages also knowing that non forgiveness, intolerance and cruelty is what binds us. Movement (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) can and will remove blind spots creating a better life and allowing us to make better choices. Holy Amethyst and Archangel Zadkiel as well as Saint Germaine work on the 7th Ray as well. As they would say: Nothing should remain static. The Violet Flame is the “Miracle Flame” known to clear and cleanse on all levels, such as wearing purple or viewing something purple. May we all communicate properly to ourselves and to others. May we find forgiveness, compassion (mercy), kindness, understanding, and realizations. Which in deed will move us forward into a better kinder world.

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6 thoughts on “Angel of the Week July 12-18, 2020 ~ Crystal

  1. Do you believe in coincidences, Heather Maria. A short while before I read your post, I felt I should invoke the Violet Flame to cleanse the irritations I’ve experienced today thanks to some over enthusiastic sales people!


  2. Beautiful message, Heather Marie. I always find your pearls of wisdom insightful. Many blessings to you…

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    1. Thank you, I greatly appreciate that.


    2. I believe so. 🙏🏻💗 Forgiveness opens more space for love. 💖


  3. I’ve been working a lot lately with forgiveness of myself and others. It seems to be a very important topic right now as I am led to so many books and blog posts suddenly popping up everywhere. Hmm, a message for us all maybe?

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  4. Thank you for your spiritual insight today Heather. It’s just what I needed today and love the divine timing of the message. Much love

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