What stops a person from healing from trauma?

What stops a person from healing from trauma?

A person does not always recognize it as trauma because they are not aware or they are in a type of denial.  Many people believe that it is normal to be dealing with and experiencing situations.  In that regard, they can become unaware that there is something they can do about what they are experiencing.  Other times it is fear.  Many people are afraid to admit that there is something going on that might need to be addressed or healed.  It is an inner fear and an outer fear.  The outer fear usually lies in the belief that others may think less of them.  It can stop someone from reaching out and getting the help they need.  An inner fear is based on another belief system that could go into great depth.  There are times it is difficult to find the proper help or assistance.  When one feels like he or she has limited resources it can feel more like a struggle.  Many people feel that when they reinvestigate their trauma, it becomes more traumatic.  Talking about it and healing it on more than one level is always important.  I am a Reiki Master.  I’ve worked with trauma.  As an energy healer, one can address the trauma at a higher level without re addressing it with a client unless a client wants to.  There is no need to keep re addressing the trauma, or what one sees as trauma once it is healed.  I feel many psychiatrists, psychologists are unaware of how they play a role in this.  To help society we all must work together.  Everyone is an individual, and through compassion and love, we can make a change.


If you need assistance, please reach out, to me, or to someone else.

  • Heather Maria is a Spiritual and Holistic Wellness Coach and Practitioner, Reiki Master Energy Healer, Divine Intuitive, Shaman, Author, Writer, Poetess, Photographer, and Developer of Divine Holistic Care Products and packages.


3 thoughts on “What stops a person from healing from trauma?

  1. The quote from Timothy Heard is very apt, Heather Maria. I’ve observed people who lose a job after many years or those who loose a loved one suddenly often have trouble getting past the denial stage or are unable to emote their feelings that ultimately lead to bigger health and behavioral issues.

    Reaching out for help is a big step for such people because they might have the notion ingrained within themselves that strong people don’t need help when in fact, strong people know when they need help with a problem. Thanks for sharing your insights.

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  2. Fear is the biggest thing we have to overcome in all areas of our life but especially this one. Reaching out to others for help is the key.

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