The Goddess of June ~ The Black Madonna

The Goddess of June is Black Madonna.  June is about contemplation.  June is also long known for Justice.  The Black Madonna is known for transformation, swift justice and change through the eyes of love.   Divinity and the power of love in a time so desperately needed.   Deep transformation of change; inner and outer.  Divinely guided by laws to create deep change.  Not all that is seen is what is.  “I transform pain and suffering into a greater capacity to love.”   When things refuse to change, often times swift action is taken.  The Black Madonna represents the power we all have to emerge from the darkness transformed.  She also represents Miracles, as well as the Holy Spirit.  Her scepter represents new awareness and consciousness, toward the earth, and toward our bodies.   Our bodies of light, our bodies of mind, as well as our physical bodies.  She represents The Wisdom Accrued.  Fire represents body, soul and consciousness.  She, is An Alchemist.  She reunites the soul with the body through conscious decisions.  For millennia, the body, the Earth, all forms of matter, have been devalued and misunderstood.  That is about to change.  There is deep inherent consciousness and wisdom in each and every living thing, each and every living being.  There is light and there is dark.  Each have been devalued, taken for granted and widely misunderstood.  When we feel we are in the fires of suffering it can be difficult to trust.  This is a promise: that which does not survive, was not meant for us.  And that everything is met with Love.   June 2020

June 2020 (2)

7 thoughts on “The Goddess of June ~ The Black Madonna

  1. WOW, Oh WOW! I have a Black Madonna statue on my writers-angel altar; my mom brought it back to me from Romania and I look at every day as I stand to begin my rituals of Divine Dialogue Writing. I will be sharing this post with great joy. Thank you for informing us.
    xox Namaste

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  2. I am so moved and heartened by this. Your words are incredibly powerful, as is the energy with them. THANK YOU for posting this, Heather!

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  3. I’m reflecting on the promise, Heather Maria, “that which does not survive was not meant for us”. It makes me wonder what all will disappear and be replaced by the time this global pandemic is over.

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  4. “that which does not survive was not meant for us.” That is so very powerful.

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  5. Sandra Cruz - Peace June 4, 2020 — 8:33 am

    I’ve heard of the Madonna but not the Black Madonna but what she inspires is much of what we need, especially these past few days in our country.

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