Card Reveal For June… 1, 2, or 3

Chose a card stack (2 cards) for the Month of June
1, 2 or 3
Black Tourmaline, Moon Stone, or Rose Quartz

Card Reveal for June – 



Card Reveal for June

1- Black Tourmaline – Joy & Queen of Swords

Swords, think of thoughts, beliefs, subconscious, communication, think of Joy.  Think of how the mind can powerfully affect everything.  How it affects emotion.  This is connected to the Lemurian ancestry and time period.  Joyful, honest, relaxed, doing, communicating, creating, enjoying, passion, zest for life.  Love of Nature, of this Earth, of Water, of Rivers, of Lakes.  Very Grounded.  (If you chose these cards and are feeling off balanced, come back to grounding.)  Love of Fairies, plants and Nature Beings.   Love of nutritious food, of celebration, of honest loving companionship.  Remember the beauty always before you.  Never lose that Joy, that Smile, that Willingness. Call on the Queen, Call on the Air, Call on the Earth.  Call on the Sky, it will never let you down.  Lemuria was always connected to Atlantis.


2 – Moon Stone – The Dragon & Queen of Cups Reversed

You have a deep, deep, sense of honor and respect.  Your power and strength lie in the connection between Atlantis and Lemuria.  At times you tend to be a watcher.  You learn and share your wisdom.  You also have a softer side, where you learn and share your wisdom, yet in a different way.   Through a sense of Grace.  Through your energy.  Powerful and Graceful.  You learned from the past.  Once you learn, you never look back.  (If you feel you have lost that, you can always, always, reconnect.)  You may gravitate through blue and orange.  It may be your aura, it maybe the clothes you wear, it may be the colors you are drawn to, it may resonate in your soul.. that is where your true power resides.. in your soul.


3 – Rose Quartz – The Fire Faery & Queen of Wands

You are the creative spark.  And you tend to do it with Divine Love.  As you walk through life, you love yourself but may not show it.  You have an energy that is magnetic.  You have the ability to transmute anything as long as you don’t stay up in the clouds or in contemplation too long.  The sky is yours, and so is this Earth.  You may feel it belongs to you because you feel at home here.  You may be an Earth sign or you may be drawn to Earth signs.  June is your month and so can be the sign of Gemini.  This is powerful yet subtle for you in 2020.  You have beautiful abilities, be sure to move them into action.  You tend to remember your spirit, but do not forget your soul.


Interesting that the Goddess Card of the Month is The Black Madonna ( that I chose and channeled) & 3 Queen Cards here signifies Feminine Divine Wisdom, Strength and Energy.  Swords is Air, Cups is Water (Reversed means balance with the Earth) Wands is Fire.  So all of the elements are represented.  Queens mean Nurturing.  It also means the Role we play in society.  Gabriel is the Archangel of the First Week of June and typically the Archangel of June.  His message in the message I channeled was “Nurture”

The Themes for June are Contemplation, Nurture, Society, Wisdom, Change.  We have always had that ability.  Now is the time to move forward.  Think of compassion, of love, of balance.


6-1-20 2
Cards for June… 


Channeled by Heather Maria


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