The Wind Faery

Happy Mother’s Day, I was as working with Kwan Yin today, the Mother of Compassion. The Wind Faery through thoughts, words and intellect analysis. The power of thought manifests into the physical. When you tune into your mind you will surely see between thoughts and reality. Think before you act, not out of impulse. Impulse leads to obsession. Thought leads to intellect. That will always lead to a positive result as will kindness.
The Wind Faery
(Heather Maria)


If you would like a paid reading, please let me know.

5-10-20 The Wind Faery


Kwan Yin (2)
Kwan Yin’s Intention and Prayer Bracelet

*available for purchase



Heather Maria is a Reiki Master, Shaman, High Priestess, Spiritual and Holistic Wellness Coach and Practitioner, Divine Feminine Author, Writer, Photographer, Poetess and Developer of Spiritual tools that allow one to connect.

Her energy work and divine guidance creates balance. She works specifically with the mind, heart, body, spirit and soul. Her sacred connection to the Divine allows for deep insights and healing.  She has spent lifetimes as a healer.  Heather believes in whole health, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as well as teaches about life and all the possibilities within.  Within that, she encourages and inspires others to lead the life they were always meant to live as well as lead a happier healthier life. Her healing art touches lives across the world.

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